About Candid Food

I'm a foodie. It's a cliché; I know. It seems like in this day and age, everyone you meet is a foodie. After all, with the exception of some supermodels, we eat everyday. We all know a little something about food. At the bare minimum, we have an idea of what we like and don't like.

I'm not a food critic in the traditional sense. To me, food is too subjective for any one person to critique. One person's delicacy could turn another person's stomach upside down. Food is really an experience, and I much rather share them as such. After much deliberation, I have finally decided to take up a serious commitment to share my experiences with the foods I encounter: the good, the bad and the avant-garde.

I'm an artist at heart, and each piece of food speaks out a story to me. Each is a reflection of the people who invented it, the people who are still making it, the people who are eating it and all the people who have ever experienced it. Just like a work of art, a hundred different people can share the same piece of food and have one hundred completely unique and different experience of it. Heck, the same person could end up with two totally different responses to the exact same piece of food they experience. Just ask all those product testers having people taste if there's a difference between coke and pepsi. Our reactions to food very often is dictated by the environment we are surrounded in and our own point of views in life. That's what this blog is about.

I don't think of this blog as just another random guy pretending to talk about food as if he knows what's good. I only know what's good to me. I think of this blog as a way to share with the world my outlook on life and my own philosophies through my experiences with food and everything that surrounds it. Many cultural anthropologists would look at the foods of a people to understand who they are, I believe I can share with everyone who I am and what I am about by revealing my relationship with food.

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