Friday, December 31, 2010

Chopped Up Omelets Are Not Scrambled Eggs!!!

I just got home from my trip up to San Francisco and Napa in time for New Years Eve. I had a lot of really good food during this trip that I will definitely be blogging about for the next week. But there is one thing I just wanted to get off my chest before the year's over. For some reason the people up in Napa Valley thinks chopping up an omelet equals scrambled eggs.

At first I thought it was just this one place, but apparently it's a common occurrence. I suppose I can't say it's exclusive to Napa as I have experienced it elsewhere before. It just became very apparent to me how some restaurants end up serving chopped up omelets as scrambled eggs while on this trip.

(Butter Cream Bakery & Diner Small Breakfast)

On Wednesday morning, I went to a popular local breakfast eatery called Butter Cream Bakery & Diner. I'll actually blog more in depth about the rest of the experience in a different blog. As a part of my breakfast, they served scrambled eggs. I sat at the counter so I had a wonderful view of the part of the kitchen that was a part of the dinning area. I saw the way they cooked the ham, the toast, the hash brown and yes of course, my scrambled eggs. Basically they poured the battered eggs onto the hot plate. They let the egg completely harden and then chopped it up and served it as scrambled eggs. That is just plain wrong.

(Butter Cream Bakery & Diner Kitchen)

Needless to say I was a bit unsatisfied with my scrambled eggs that first morning in Napa. I like my eggs really scrambled. If I wanted an omelet, I would have ordered that and chop it up myself. I wouldn't have needed them to scramble it. So this morning, I went to the hotel restaurant where I stayed at since they gave me a $10 gift certificate. I ordered another meal that came with scrambled eggs. Again my eggs were served in that say manner, chopped up omelet served as scrambled eggs.

(Gaia Restaurant Buckwheat Pancake Sandwich)

Scrambled eggs is supposed to be scrambled while it's cooking. If you don't scramble the eggs while it's cooking, it taste like a chopped up omelet. There's a huge difference. Real scrambled eggs should be soft and fluffy. You can't just cook the eggs as a sheet, chop it up and expect it to turn out good. I petition that all restaurants must rename their scrambled eggs to chopped omelet if they do not actually scramble their eggs during the cooking process.

Happy New Year!!! A good scrambled 2011 to you all!


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